The Bride of Karsaz Road – The Haunted Road of Karachi

Karsaz Road

the bride of karsaz road

Karsaz Road is a major road in Karachi, Pakistan, that connects Shahrah-e-Faisal with National Stadium Road. It is named after the Karsaz Naval Base, which is located nearby. The road is also known for its haunted legend of the bride of Karsaz, who is said to roam the road at night.

The bride of Karsaz is a horrific tale about a newlywed couple that died in a car crash on Karsaz Road. According to the legend, the groom died on the spot, while the bride was severely injured and taken to a hospital. She was wearing a red bridal dress and had long hair. She died in the hospital, but her spirit could not rest in peace. She still wanders the road where her husband died, looking for him. Some people claim to have seen her hitchhiking on the road, or standing near the trees. She is said to have a terrifying appearance, with blood-stained clothes and a twisted face. She is also known as the Karsaz Churail, which means the witch of Karsaz.

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