Creepy Dolls

creepy dolls

If you are fascinated by creepy dolls, you are not alone. Many people share this strange hobby of collecting, making, or admiring these eerie creations that seem to have a life of their own. In this blog post, I will introduce you to some of the most amazing artists and websites that feature creepy dolls of all kinds.

One of them is Anna Nazarenko, a handmade doll creator from Moscow, Russia. She makes cute but creepy dolls that look like hybrid animals with big eyes and expressive faces. She uses various materials such as clay, fabric, fur, and feathers to create her unique artworks. She also shares videos of how she makes her dolls on her Patreon blog and Instagram account. Some of her dolls are inspired by Halloween, such as pumpcats, bats, and owls. Others are more whimsical, such as pandas, bunnies, and unicorns. Her dolls are both adorable and spooky, and they will surely capture your attention.

Another source of creepy dolls is The Horror Dome, a website that sells Halloween props and costumes. They have a section dedicated to creepy dolls that are made to be gruesome and scary. Some of them are based on famous horror movies, such as Chucky and Annabelle. Others are more original, such as ventriloquist dummies, porcelain dolls, and rag dolls. These dolls are perfect for decorating haunted houses, movie sets, or pranking your friends. They have an authentic look that will make you shiver in delight.

If you are looking for more creepy dolls stories, you can check out, a website that features short horror stories written by users. They have a category called “Beings and Entities” that includes stories about creepy dolls and other supernatural creatures. Some of these stories are very disturbing and terrifying, so read them at your own risk. You can also submit your own stories if you have a creative imagination and a knack for writing.

Creepy dolls are not for everyone, but they have a certain charm and appeal that attract many fans. Whether you like them cute or scary, realistic or fantastical, there is a creepy doll for you out there. You just have to look for it.

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