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True Creepy BRAZILIAN – Animated Horror Flicks

Living in Brazil for about five years, the usual weekend food choice in my neighborhood was pizza, with pizzerias outnumbering other options. However, one night, craving something different, I dug through a pile of old leaflets and found an advertisement for a Mexican restaurant. Surprisingly, I had never seen the flyer or the restaurant before, even though it was close to my home.

Curious, I called the number, expecting Portuguese but was greeted by a Spanish-speaking man. Despite the language barrier, I managed to place an order and waited for delivery. Concern grew after almost two hours passed with no sign of the food. Ready to call the restaurant, I glanced out the window and was shocked to find a man holding a bag outside the garage gate.

Surprised by his unconventional delivery approach, I received the food through the bars, recognizing his voice as the one who took my order. Something felt off as I paid him and, later, realized there was no vehicle parked outside. Opening the boxes revealed old, dry food, prompting me to throw it away after just two bites.

A few days later, the same guy called late at night, pressuring me to order again. Unsettled, I felt anxious every time the phone rang. Weeks later, on a rainy night, I received a mysterious, silent call moments before the restaurant’s closing time. Approaching the window, I saw a dark figure outside, sending my heart pounding until I realized it was just someone seeking shelter from the rain.

Haunted by the creepy delivery guy and unsettling incidents, I look forward to leaving this nightmare behind.

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