Top 10 Horror Movies on Netflix

horror movies on netflix

Top 10 Horror Movies on Netflix

Are you a fan of horror movies on Netflix? Then you should read this post. We have prepared a list of the best horror movies available on Netflix that will give you a good scare. Whether you like supernatural thrillers, slasher flicks, or psychological horrors, we have something for everyone. Here are our top 10 picks for the scariest movies on Netflix right now.

1: Malignant (2021)

From the director of The Conjuring and Insidious, James Wan, comes a new twist on the haunted house genre. Malignant follows Madison, a woman who is plagued by visions of grisly murders that are actually happening in real life. As she tries to uncover the mystery behind her connection to the killer, she discovers a shocking secret about her past that will change her life forever.

2: Insidious (2010)

Another James Wan masterpiece, Insidious is a terrifying tale of a family who moves into a new house that turns out to be haunted by malevolent spirits. When their son falls into a coma and becomes a vessel for the ghosts, they enlist the help of a paranormal expert to save him from the dark realm known as The Further.

3: Sister Death (2023)

A Netflix original from Pakistan, Sister Death is a horror comedy that follows a group of friends who accidentally summon the spirit of a vengeful nun while playing with an ouija board. The nun, who was killed by her lover in the 19th century, seeks revenge on anyone who crosses her path, especially men. The friends must find a way to stop her before she kills them all.

4: The Wailing (2016)

A Korean horror classic, The Wailing is a gripping story of a policeman who investigates a series of mysterious deaths in a rural village. He soon suspects that the cause of the deaths is a mysterious stranger who has moved into the village and may be involved in black magic. As he digs deeper into the case, he finds himself in a battle between good and evil that puts his own family at risk.

5: It Follows (2014)

A modern horror gem, It Follows is a clever and original take on the curse genre. It follows Jay, a teenage girl who has sex with her boyfriend and then learns that he has passed on to her a deadly curse that can only be broken by passing it on to someone else. The curse manifests as a relentless entity that takes different forms and follows Jay wherever she goes, trying to kill her. Jay must find a way to escape or pass on the curse before it’s too late.

6: No One Gets Out Alive (2024)

A Netflix original from the UK, No One Gets Out Alive is based on the novel by Adam Nevill. It follows Ambar, an immigrant woman who moves into a cheap boarding house in London that turns out to be haunted by an ancient evil. As she tries to survive the horrors of the house and the hostile city, she uncovers a dark conspiracy that involves human trafficking and occult rituals.

7: Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

A prequel to the 2014 movie Ouija, Ouija: Origin of Evil is a much better and scarier film that explores the origins of the infamous board game. Set in 1967, it follows Alice, a widowed mother who runs a scam seance business with her two daughters. When they use an ouija board as a prop for their act, they unwittingly unleash a demonic force that possesses the younger daughter and wreaks havoc on their lives.

8: The Babadook (2014)

A critically acclaimed Australian horror film, The Babadook is a psychological thriller that explores the themes of grief, trauma, and motherhood. It follows Amelia, a single mother who struggles to raise her son Samuel after the death of her husband. When Samuel finds a mysterious book called The Babadook in their house, he becomes convinced that it is a monster that wants to kill them both. As Amelia tries to dismiss his fears, she starts to experience strange phenomena that make her question her sanity and reality.

9: The Platform (2019)

A Spanish dystopian horror film, The Platform is a social commentary on class inequality and human nature. It follows Goreng, a man who voluntarily enters a vertical prison where inmates are assigned to different levels and fed by a platform that descends from the top level with food for all. As he learns the rules and realities of the prison, he tries to change the system and survive the brutality of his fellow inmates.

10: Gerald’s Game (2017)

Based on the novel by Stephen King, Gerald’s Game is a tense and claustrophobic horror film that follows Jessie, a woman who is handcuffed to a bed by her husband Gerald as part of their sex game. When Gerald dies of a heart attack, Jessie is left alone and trapped in their remote cabin with no one to help her. As she tries to free herself, she faces her inner demons and a terrifying presence that lurks in the shadows.

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