The Whispering Woods

The Wispering Woods

One autumn evening, I, Emily Harper, decided to walk through the Whispering Woods, a place known for eerie sounds at night. As the sun set, I heard a faint whisper, “Help… me.” It seemed to come from an ancient tree with twisted roots.

Hanging from the tree was an old locket with a photograph of a young woman. The whisper grew louder, pleading for peace. I searched around and found a hidden grave beneath the leaves. The name on the grave matched the one on the locket.

I cleared the grave and said a prayer. The whispering stopped, and a sense of calm filled the woods. I knew I had helped a lost soul find rest.

As I left, the woods felt peaceful. The experience left me with a deep respect for the mysteries of the natural world and the spirits within.

Emily Harper is a writer, known for creating simple yet gripping supernatural stories inspired by personal experiences.
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