The Haunted Mirror

The Haunted Mirror

One sunny afternoon, I found an antique mirror at a flea market. It had an ornate frame and a mysterious look. I bought it, hoping it would add charm to my study.

That night, as I worked in my study, I noticed the mirror’s reflection showed a different room, dimly lit. Suddenly, a ghostly woman in Victorian clothing appeared in the mirror, looking sad and trying to speak

I researched and discovered the mirror trapped a spirit named Eleanor from the 1800s. Following an old diary’s instructions, I performed a ritual to free her. The mirror shattered, and I felt a cold rush of air. Eleanor was finally at peace.

With the mirror gone, my study felt lighter. Eleanor’s story and the haunted mirror were experiences I would never forget.

James Caldwell is a seasoned writer, with a talent for transforming haunted encounters into compelling stories. With a lifelong fascination for the supernatural, James’s narratives are both engaging and spine-chilling.
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