The Fear of Unknown

The fear of unknown
I’ve been affected by spiritual experiences since my earliest memories. I’m very used to the feeling of something watching when 2 seconds ago you were fine until you stepped into a house or touched a weird object. I moved to a new place 10 min away from where i lived all my life and its just me, my partner, and our 2 cats. Growing up using divination magic, I have seen some things. I can easily say I have only been this scared 2 times in my life… but it’s worse this time… Because last time i froze in fear like i did tonight, i was looking at something. This time…. I didnt hear or see anything i just saw my cat staring at the doorway and glanced over and froze and felt tears streaming and i was just frozen and i didnt know what was happening and then i could move again and i had a panic attack And then my boyfriend came home and nothing ever happens when hes here only when im alone so i guess ill be safe until he has work again in a couple days…
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