Something Scary – Chapter 2 – Animated Horror Flicks


SOMETHING SCARY – Chapter 2 – Animated Horror Flicks

One night, after weeks of uninterrupted sleep, I was abruptly awakened. Unsure if it was a dream or a loud noise, I felt something was off. The room appeared unusually dark, as if ambient light was being blocked. Despite the furniture remaining in place, an unsettling feeling hinted at a deeper reason for the strange occurrences in my apartment.

Thinking a power cut might be responsible, I used my phone as a flashlight. Slowly scanning the room, I was horrified to find a void of dark mass to my left. The floor had collapsed, and the furthest exterior walls were no longer visible. Realizing the danger, I knew I had to leave. Living on the 3rd floor, I cautiously descended the collapsed floor.

The dust clouded my vision, and I could only see a short distance ahead. Reaching the floor below, the main hallway was blocked, but the exterior wall had collapsed, revealing a potential exit. Moving forward, I noticed distant lights, hoping they led to safety. As I carefully navigated debris, I reached the surrounding streets and discovered the lights were from an abandoned car. Though the situation was clearer, darkness still prevailed.

Looking back, I witnessed the full extent of the disaster, realizing my fortune to be alive. Reflecting on the near miss, I felt a sense of survivor’s guilt and gratitude toward an unseen force. Despite knowing these emotions would linger, I believed I would eventually move on. Deep down, I sensed that whatever had intervened that night might have other plans for me, and only time would reveal the mysterious force’s intentions.

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