Something Scary – Chapter 1 – Animated Horror Flicks


SOMETHING SCARY – Chapter 1 – Animated Horror Flicks

Late on a Friday night, I found myself driving home after a grueling shift at work. The road was deserted, and I was exhausted, eager to reach the comfort of my home. With no other cars around, I was cruising faster than usual through the dark stretch, feeling confident as I was familiar with the route.

As I navigated the night, a sudden impact jolted me. I slammed on the brakes, shaken by the shock. Adrenaline surged through my veins as I reluctantly peered behind. To my horror, there lay a body on the road, barely visible in the darkness. I wondered why someone would be walking alone on this desolate road at such a late hour.

Overcoming the guilt that gripped me, I stepped out of the car. But then, a strange realization hit me – there was the sound of a car door slamming shut. In the calm of the night, it couldn’t have been the wind. A sense of unease settled in, and I turned slowly towards my car. In the passenger seat sat a dark figure. Panic struck me; I didn’t have my keys or phone with me.

Despite my fear, the need to safeguard my car and make it home prevailed. I cautiously approached the car, and the mysterious figure remained motionless, staring straight ahead, breathing heavily. A strange sensation of something behind me made me turn, but nothing was there. Astonishingly, the body on the road had vanished.

Searching the car revealed nothing, as if the mysterious presence had evaporated without a trace. Mixed emotions of relief and confusion lingered as I resumed my journey. From that night forward, I aimed to finish my shifts earlier, driving home with heightened vigilance.

The inexplicable encounter stayed with me, a haunting memory that made me question the boundaries between reality and the unknown.

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