Gorgon’s Ghost – Chapter 2 – Animated Horror Flicks


Gorgon’s GHOST – Chapter 2 – Animated Horror Flicks

One night, a creeping sensation startled me, and as I turned, I faced a creature with snakes for hair. Glowing eyes, she covered her face as if gazing upon it pained her. Quickly getting on my feet, I ran in the opposite direction, hearing the hiss of the snakes, knowing she was close. Peeking through the trees, I saw her frantically searching, realizing I was being hunted. Waiting for her distraction, I tried to create distance, unaware that a more sinister creature lurked, leaving me cold, numb, and feeling a terrible soul-draining sensation.

Suddenly, a cold hand covered my eyes, inducing resistance until the numbness vanished. I grabbed a piece of cloth, which tore off, freeing me to run. Reaching a clearing in the cemetery, I heard the snakes hissing, recalling the deathly stare draining my life. Recognizing the cloth as a piece of clothing, I used it as a blindfold for protection, navigating towards the bright moon. Creeping through the forest, I anticipated a treacherous journey, slipping and falling after holding onto branches.

Feeling the same cold hand on my arm, I wasn’t afraid. Trusting her knowledge of the forest, I let her guide me. Eventually, the ghostly presence faded, and I sensed reaching the other end of the cemetery. Removing the blindfold, I stood before an open gate, relieved to see it. Looking back at the dark forest revealed no signs of life, affirming the truth of ghost stories I had doubted. Witnessing the unexplained, I had come face to face with the eerie reality lurking beyond disbelief.

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