Dead of Night – Animated Horror Flicks


Dead of Night – Animated Horror Flicks


The video is a scary story about a driver who hits something on a dark road and then encounters a strange dark figure.

The driver was driving home late at night after a long shift at work. They were going faster than usual because there were no other cars around. Suddenly, something hit the front of the car and the driver slammed on the brakes. They got out of the car to see what they had hit, and they realized it was a body.

The driver was scared and felt guilty, but they were also worried about losing their car and not being able to make it home. They approached the car slowly, and they saw a dark figure sitting in the passenger seat. The driver didn’t have the keys with them, and they had left their phone inside the car.

The driver was freaked out, but they were determined to get their car back. They slowly approached the car, and the strange dark figure didn’t move. The driver felt something breathing right behind them, but when they turned to look, nothing was there.

To the driver’s surprise, the body on the road had vanished, and when they looked inside the car again, the dark figure had disappeared. The driver searched the car, but they couldn’t find anything. They were relieved that the dark figure was gone, but they were also confused about what had happened.

The driver continued their journey, and they learned their lesson from that night. They tried to finish their shifts earlier so that they wouldn’t have to drive home at night, and they were more vigilant when they did have to drive at night.

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