American Horror Story Season 11

american horror story season 11

American Horror Story Season 11

Are you a fan of American Horror Story? If so, you might be wondering what’s in store for the eleventh season of the hit anthology series. Well, you’re in luck, because we have some juicy details to share with you. Here’s everything you need to know about American Horror Story: NYC, the upcoming season that will take you back to the 1980s and explore a dark chapter in New York City’s history.

What is American Horror Story: NYC about?

American Horror Story: NYC is the subtitle for the eleventh season of the show, created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The season will take place in 1980s New York City, and focus on a string of killings involving gay men and the emergence of a new virus. The season will also feature elements of surrealism and horror, as well as references to real-life events and figures from that era.

Who is in the cast of American Horror Story: NYC?

The season will feature an ensemble cast of actors, some of whom are returning from previous seasons, and some who are new to the show. The main cast includes:

  • Russell Tovey as Patrick Read, a detective who is secretly a gay and dating a reporter.
  • Joe Mantello as Gino Barelli, a reporter for the New York Native who is investigating the killings and the virus.
  • Charlie Carver as Adam Carpenter, a young man who works at a bar frequented by the killer.
  • Billie Lourd as Dr. Hannah Wells, a doctor who discovers a mysterious illness affecting her patients.
  • Leslie Grossman as Barbara Read, Patrick’s sister and a socialite.
  • Sandra Bernhard as Fran, a friend of Barbara and a gossip columnist.
  • Isaac Cole Powell as Theo Graves, a dancer and Adam’s boyfriend.
  • Zachary Quinto as Sam, a mysterious man who is involved in the killings.
  • Denis O’Hare as Henry Grant, an art collector who has a connection to Sam.
  • Patti LuPone as Kathy Pizazz, a drag queen and nightclub owner.

The season will also feature several guest stars, such as Jeff Hiller, Kyle Beltran, Clara McGregor, Quei Tann, Brian Ray Norris, Kal Penn, Rebecca Dayan, Casey Thomas Brown, Hale Appleman, Gideon Glick, Matthew William Bishop, Danny Kornfeld, Lee Aaron Rosen, Jared Reinfeldt, Danny Garcia, Taylor Bloom, Sis, Hannah Jane McMurray, Ralph Adriel Johnson, Alexandre Bagot, Kieran Brown, Chris Henry Coffey and Frances Conroy.

When will American Horror Story: NYC premiere?

American Horror Story: NYC will premiere on October 19, 2022 on FX. The season will consist of 10 episodes that will air weekly until November 16. The season will also be available to stream on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and Apple TV.

Why should you watch American Horror Story: NYC?

American Horror Story: NYC promises to be a thrilling and terrifying season that will explore themes such as homophobia, AIDS, violence, art and identity. The season will also pay homage to the 1980s culture and aesthetics, as well as to classic horror movies and icons. If you’re looking for a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you think about the past and the present, then American Horror Story: NYC is for you.

So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars for October 19 and get ready for a new horror story that will haunt your dreams.

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